Tiramisu (Home-made) Espresso soaked lady fingers layered with creamed sweet mascarpone cheese dusted with cocoa. 6.25

Cannoli (Home-made filling)Pastry tube filled with ricotta and mascarpone cheese, mini chocolate chips and a hint of vanilla. 4.25 Mini Cannoli 1.75


Cheese Cake Tart (Home-made) Traditional style cheese cake tart, with shortbread cookie crust topped with raspberry compote and whipped cream. 5.75


Chocolate Mousse (Home-made)Rich and creamy chocolate mousse served with whipped cream
and topped with chocolate sauce. 5.25


Gelato A 4 oz dish or an 8 oz Sundae Glass of  Chocolate, Mango, Vanilla, or Spumoni Gelato.
8 oz 5.95 4 oz 3.75

Panna Cotta
Sweetened and Thickened Cream Gelatin Topped with Raspberry or
Chocolate Sauce

panna cotta.jpg